Yoko Ono

Dear Ms. Ono,

I’ve been meaning to write to you for some time now, but have been dissuaded by (perhaps misplaced) assumptions that someone of your stature would not respond to a letter from someone of my “non-stature”; in conventional terms, I have no significant fan base to report, and my art work has not had significant public exposure. I am of course deeply inspired by your work in both the field of “art” as well as in the field of romantic relationships. Perhaps I am hoping for some pithy or elaborate insight from you, substantiating my own challenging experiences as a female artist of color making non-catchy art.

It was not until recently that I overrode the pragmatism and doubts that kept me from writing you, when a colleague and friend proposed that we write to artists whom we respect and admire. The suggestion has since then turned into both a research inquiry into the nature of fan mail, as well as an art piece itself; provocative in the questions we pose, indulgent in our methodology and medium, and open-ended and dynamic in our exploration.

So what originated as my own imagined connection with an artist I greatly admire, has evolved into a request for your participation in our art piece. I now leave the space open to your response, with an eager curiosity to see how the life of this piece will evolve, and a hopefulness that someone of your stature and experience will connect with me and, thereby, defy overly pragmatic sensibilities.

With deep respect and gratitude,

Aidyn Mills