Spyros Simotas

Dear Spyros,

I am so grateful to have this opportunity to properly tell you how much I admire your artistic practice. It’s perfect that our art piece/research project, that deconstructs lines between what we call “life” and “art,” has provoked this letter. In my opinion, you have mastered the dissolution of any such lines; and in such admirably artful, humble and inspiring ways.

As I’ve thought about these fan mail letters that we’re writing, I started by imagining personalities who are so different from me, that I’ve placed them in some imagined place “above” the reality in which I live. As if planes of artistry and creativity are measured in terms of height, with the most amazing artists living in the heavens, and the least talented in some basement apartment. Yet, pinnacles and loftiness don’t seem to capture the kind of “art” I find inspiring. As I get older, I’m truly impressed by those who live life on-the-ground, artfully; those who can move in and out of everyday spaces without much flair and pomp and circumstance, and still live so magnificently.

In my opinion, that is you! In the 8 years (?!) I’ve known you, I have grown to admire how you see. You see the world differently from most. You don’t manipulate; you let life be as it is. And you capture it. As we both get older, we’re discovering that life already is beautiful. But it takes wisdom, humility, and care to recognize its beauty; and to share it. We have to pause, take the time to listen and look, and we will see, hear, and know “art” in the life around us… car washes, buildings, a glance, a glass. Perhaps it’s like the French cooks – they don’t add too much to make a delicious meal; they let the ingredients speak for themselves. Imagine if we signed our paintings and photographs, “By: The plant in this picture.”

Thank you, dear friend for living as you do – slowly, thoughtfully, mindfully, humbly, unconventionally, respectfully, with humor, creatively, sweetly. You haven’t separated yourself from others on any zenith, yet you’ve inspired me deeply. Thank you for being you; and for seeing the beauty in me.

Yours truly,

Aidyn Lorraine